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If you’ve always imagined running your own business someday and leaving corporate America behind for more independence, putting your valuable skills and experience at work for your own benefit, exercising your talent and creativity and having an impact on your customers and community, MyDollarstore, Inc. can make your imaginings real. Franchising has become the most popular method for conducting business because you are independent yet supported by a network of similar businesses. In fact, according to the Houston Business Journal (8-17-2000), annual franchise sales by more than 316,000 retail units in the USA have surpassed $1 trillion.

Why MyDollarstore, Inc. Franchise

MyDollarstore, Inc. is one of the few Dollar Store franchiser that owns and operates a corporate store. Being a volume distributor Dollar Store passes on the best price to its franchisees. MyDollarstore, Inc. is committed to providing the assistance you need to tap into your share of this growing market. Our name alone wins you a following of loyal customers who count on My Dollar Store to provide the products and service they need for their daily use. My Dollar Store is the only corporation which provides everything you need to run a Dollar store. My Dollar Store provides individuals who are ready to invest in a business of their own: a My Dollar Store franchise. 

Owning a My Dollar Store franchise allows you direct contact with the  retail customers while at the same time building goodwill in your business and in the community. To put it simply, MyDollarstore. franchising is the best way to build a business. The reasons are simple.

MyDollarstore Franchising offers a host of benefits no other business opportunity can match:

  • Immediate product and brand recognition
  • Established customer loyalty
  • Proven business processes
  • Established distribution channels
  • Store Operation System (POS)
  • Online Wholesale Catalog


Investment in a My Dollarstore franchise requires a minimum cash outlay of $60,000 to $250,000 on a total project cost of $150,000 to $463,000.

You have tremendous potential to leverage your investment.
Here’s why you should consider  My Dollarstore as a part of your future:

* MyDollarstore services are not price-competitive
* Serving Retail customer segment allows you to grow your business as large as you choose
* The My Dollarstore culture of delivering Legendary Service ensures a high level of customer satisfaction
* MyDollarstore services address the technology-driven marketplace of today
* MyDollarstore deploys a trained sales force that builds and nurtures relationships to capture the market.


MyDollarstore  receives four (4) percent of a My Dollar Store franchise’s gross monthly sales.

Request for Information

’d like to share more information with you about the benefits, short and long terms, of owning a My Dollarstore franchise. Please contact My Dollarstore Inc. at 949-261-7488 or complete and submit the on-line “Request for Information” form.



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