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My Dollar Store, Inc. the parent corporation of My Dollarstore has introduced a fully automated, computerized inventory reordering system for all of the My Dollarstore in their system. 

This Store Operating System (POS)  provides valuable store information for store operators -- accurately and on time. With this sophisticated automated system, daily merchandise sales and other transactions are collected and used to prepare sales and inventory reports. 

The system also assists franchisees in tracking employee payroll information and preparing daily cash reports. The system also includes a state-of-the-art ordering system  and new electronic scanning POS registers. 

This proprietary POS is designed to automate the way Dollar Stores are operated and, most importantly, provide franchisees with information on product sales so they can do a better job of ordering products their customers want. As inventory gets low, store owners can reorder items wholesale via the computer. This makes keeping track of all those items a lot easier for store owners, who can turn the process over to the corporate office. The corporate office will centrally track best-selling items by department. This new point-of-sale system provides real time inventory control to the store owners.  

Dollar Stores, for example, generally carry between 3,000 and 5,000 different merchandise items (SKU). In the past, Rex Mehta says without a POS it was virtually impossible for stores to track individual items in their inventory.

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