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Jan   27, 2014 - Definitely Buy These 15 Things at a Dollar Store
Dollar stores lure us in with rock-bottom prices. Sometimes you get what you pay for, but often the things they sell are good products at a tremendous discount — a real bargain.

Dec 5, 2013 - 5 surprising facts you did not Know about the Dollarstore
The dollar store is a great place to shop for deals ... right? Thanks to the way our brains work, a dollar store shopping spree can satisfy our shopping craving even better than shopping at a more expensive store.

Nov 18, 2013 - 10 awesome gadgets from the dollar store
The following are a handful of stingy suggestions found at various stores including Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, Family Dollar, National Dollar, Buck Or Two or 99 Cents Store.

Sep 24, 2013 - Best Buys from the Dollar Stores Slide Show
Dollar Stores can be a good source of deals- if you know what to buy. For starters not everything is a dollar at some of these stores.

Sep 12, 2013 - Live Off the Dollar Store for a week on $50 Budget
Dollar Stores Products  generally come in smaller sizes than items sold at retail grocery stores, but small saving still suffice for the average person. Most goods sold in  Dollar Store are perfectly fine and you will often find reputable products such as Minute Maid, Del Monte and Suave.

Aug 9, 2013 - Dollar Store Accessories: The I Phone Stylus
In the end, for a buck, it is a fine stylus if you don't mind holding the pen upside down to use it. I suspect you can find some reasonable facsimile in your nearby US-based dollar store, although stock and models vary widely from store to store. Comparable models on eBay and Amazon seem to run from about two and a half dollars up.

Dec 11. 2012- Dollar Store Inc. The booming business of being Cheap
Family Dollar, along with other dollar stores, has quietly become a $56-billion industry and they are opening new locations faster than Starbucks.

Jan 07, 2012- Why Dollarstore are Hotter than ever (Even Among The Rich)
Dollar stores are luring a lot more consumers these days, and their rock-bottom prices aren't the only reason: The chains have undergone major makeovers in recent years, sprucing up their dingy digs and adding better merchandise

Dec 23, 2011- More Shopper hit Dollarstores for Holiday Gifts
The past few years of economic struggle have been a boom time for dollar stores. One study has it that business has been so strong in recent times at dollar stores, they now outnumber drugstores in the U.S. Consumers now rank dollar stores as their second-favorite resource for buying holiday gifts

Dec 21, 2011- Dollar stores thrive as holiday shopping destinations
The Dollarstores that typically offer most items for $1 or less have evolved into a go-to spot for holiday shoppers on a tight budget or trying to get more value for their money

August 8, 2010-Branching Out For Business In Libya
In May, My Dollarstore’s chief executive officer, Rex Mehta, traveled to Libya to sign the contract that paves the way to open the first store there. Mehta said he is excited at the prospect of opening the store in Libya. He explained that because of customs/duty fees, items will sell for 1.99 dinars (Libyan currency), which is about $1.69 in U.S. currency.

Jan 23, 2007 - A Dollar Store's Rich Allure in India
Retailers eager to tap into the Indian market would do well to examine the success of My Dollarstore, a U.S.-based business that sells American products including Doritos chips and Kellogg's Pop-Tarts in new shopping centers across India. "We are very excited about India," says Mr. Rex Mehta, who heads the entire operation and is chief executive officer. The company expects to have more than 400 stores in India in the next three years.

Nov 3,2005 - Giant Discount Stores Eye Success Of Booming Dollar Store Franchises
Both heiress Paris Hilton and pop diva Jessica Simpson have cited shopping in dollar stores as a favorite pastime. Rex Mehta, founder and president of California-based My Dollar Store, says people no longer associate dollar stores with cheap merchandise and messy stores. Now they expect to find inexpensive but quality merchandise with brand name items as well as imported products in a clean, attractive setting.

August 18, 2005 - Dollarstore celebrates opening of Third store In Tbilisi, Republic Of Georgia
US embassy political officer, Deborah Miller, helped the Dollarstore Georgia opened its third and largest store in Gldani district of Tbilisi. Rex Mehta Joined in the celebration with Tamara Mindorashvili, President of Dollarstore Georgia.

August 18, 2005 - My Dollarstore To Open In New Delhi
New Delhi will have its first My Dollarstore Where Consumes can buy over 10,000 imported items at an attractive price of Rs. 99 per item. Rex Mehta is the CEO of MyDollarstore Corporation based In California USA.

Feb 21,2005 - My Dollarstore Inc. the US based retail chain made an entry into India
Rex Mehta, an American of Indian origin based in California USA, is one of the main promoters of My Dollarstore in India.

Jan 16, 2004 - Dollarstore Inc. will provide the point of sale OEM version of the software to their franchisees throughout the world.
Rex Mehta, President, Dollarstore Corporation said, "Dollarstore POS system has all the features and functionality we could want for now and in the future. One of the strong points of the system is eRetail which allows us to see item sales as they occur anywhere the world, allowing us to prepare our distribution sites for reorders, even before the stores enter orders.

Feb 26,2003 - More Cluck for a Buck
Rex Mehta , who believes his chain of stores will appeal to the very Indian concept of Paisa Vasool (value for money), says he aims for value, quality and variety and to take the "branding out of the retailing.

June 16, 2002 - Deep Discount Retailing
With Dollarstore's entry into India Imminent, Rex Mehta seems to be all set to become a unit of this country's dynamic and Multifaceted retail structure. Rex Mehta, President and CEO, shares his plans for India in this page

May 15, 2002 - Dollarstore come to India
In an exclusive chat with IMAGES, Rex Mehta, Founder and President, Dollarstore Corporation lays out his vision and plan for India.

May 31, 2000 - DIGS Inc., soon to be iVideoNow Inc., Selected by Dollarstore for Major MultiMedia Marketing Campaign.
Rex Mehta, Dollarstore Inc.'s founder and president, stated that his company has "ramped up for extremely rapid growth." Dollarstore.com, Inc.'s stated goal is to gain one million buyers by the end of 2000 and thereby become a top ten Internet shopping site.

April 13, 2000 - Dollarstore and Bidland Form Strategic Alliance for Online Market Exchange.
"Dollarstore Corporation goal is to be the resource serving all of the general merchandise industry's needs," said Rex Mehta, founder and president of Dollarstore Inc.. "By forming this strategic alliance with Bidland.com, we are providing a comprehensive industry exchange for the buying and selling of merchandise."

Dec 23, 1999 - Dollarstore and ThemeWare Offer Thousands of New Internet Users a Turnkey Solution to e-commerce.
"There is no faster method available for entry into e-commerce, especially for novice Internet users," explained Rex Mehta, president of Dollarstore Corporation "Through our joint efforts, anyone can start an online store -- or add to their existing product inventory -- without laboring to develop a Web site, procure products, fill orders or ship worldwide."

October 4, 1999 - Uniform pricing is what excites the consumer in Dollarstore.
"Before, they associated dollar stores with inexpensive, cheap merchandise," says Rex Mehta, founder and president of Dollarstore Inc. an e-commerce pioneer who established portal Web sites four years before today's Internet became popular. "Now it's inexpensive but quality merchandise. You have imported products, of course, but also you have some brand name items in there.

June 6, 1997 - India West -Filtered Bottles May Save Children's Lives in India.
For India this kind of bottle is very practical, since it does not use any electricity and is low maintenance," Rex Mehta pointed out. "the Iodinator is a must and after six month of use, all you ever need is change the filter."



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