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US Dollarstore, believes in offering its Independent Store Owner's the ability to mass merchandise a wide variety of merchandise at rock bottom prices! Our Dollarstore concept takes that to the extreme. If you would like the financial independence and security of owning your own business, you can profit from Dollarstore's proven steps to success. Even if you have no prior experience at running a business of your own, Dollarstore will work with you every step of the way. This diligent attention to the details of starting your business helps to avoid the costly mistakes that doom most new enterprises.

Dollarstore will provide complete Turnkey Store Packages which include build out  with our own trained crew, full fixture and merchandise installation, personalized training ON SITE for store operations, Merchandise Setup, POS (Point of Sale) Register/Computer Systems with individual product UPC Codes and database of  20,000 Dollarstore products, Cameras and Security Internet Surveillance equipment (optional) Professional Sound Systems (Optional), uniforms, etc.

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