A Hot Market Opportunity

Dollarstore serves a large and growing market: consumers that want great deals on basic household products without having to cut corners to get them. Dollar stores are one of the fastest growing segments of the retail industry, part of the $500 billion-dollar market for everyday products in the United States.

In fact, discount stores are one of the few retail categories that experienced sales growth during the latest recession. As of September 2021, Wal-Mart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Costco, and Kohl’s all reported solid same-store sales gains over the last year, while most non-discount stores had lower sales.

My Dollarstore franchises have broad market appeal, offering shoppers a wide variety of quality products that are never over a fixed low price, along with nice stores and friendly customer service. According to A.C. Neilson 62% of all-American households shopped at a DollarStore in 2021. Customers come from all levels of society and income levels, including families, single adults, students, senior citizens, and children and teenagers. You are just as likely to see a Mercedes parked in front of our stores as a Ford.

Just about anyone living near a Dollarstore franchise is a potential customer, and everyone can save money by shopping in one of our stores.

Shoppers appreciate DollarStore’ s clean, organized, and well-merchandised stores. Someplace where they can take the kids, where they will find exclusive deals and unique items and always a smile and helping hand. DollarStore culture is based on trust and going the extra mile for the customer—values that we hold close, and shoppers respond to helping hand.

Our Goal

Our goal is to attract customers that are not only satisfied but delighted. All US Dollarstore franchise operators receive complete training in our business system so they can build a loyal and profitable customer base.

Dollarstore aisles, end caps and point of purchase displays are laid out to make shopping easy and move product. All fixtures, carts, baskets, and signage reflect Dollarstore’s brand identity and All-American values, while Point of Sale systems provide quick checkout and real-time sales reporting. In store ATMs provide a convenient source of cash for customers. All the basic household products shoppers want are offered, including name brands and generics. We will help you to select the best products and show you how to merchandise them to attract customers and optimize sales.

  • Food, candy and beverages
  • Household Cleaning products
  • Kitchenware and bath products
  • Seasonal goods
  • Party supplies and gift wrap
  • Electrical products
  • Automotive
  • Stationery and office supplies
  • Sunglasses
  • Health and beauty aids
  • Gifts and novelties
  • Paper products
  • Closeout specials
  • Greeting cards
  • Hardware
  • School supplies
  • Toys and videos
  • Apparel

Franchise operators also take advantage of our Web-based online wholesale catalog, which means you’ll get exclusive access to the best deals on thousands of products, seasonal items and new merchandise day or night, whenever you want to shop. And our Value Alert e-mail service ensures that you will know about special buys and the latest items as soon as they are available.

When you stop to think about it, no one offers a better franchise opportunity in a hotter market. Dollarstore is a smarter way to shop, and a smarter franchise investment.