About Us

US Dollar Stores has been helping potential business owners overcome the hurdles and avoid the pitfalls of starting a successful independent business. Today, there are over 15,000 customers assisted by us.

Partner with the world leader in Dollar Store development !

Because Dollar Stores offer high quality products at some of the lowest retail costs available, the highly successful Dollar Store attracts customers from all walks of life. US Dollar Stores has helped enterprising store owners open dollar stores in such diverse locations as prime as Beverly Hills and third world communities. If you are ready to enjoy the financial freedom of Dollar Store ownership, partner with the world leader in Dollar Store development, US Dollar Stores.

We help you every step of the way !

Our staff of expert consultants has years of combined experience helping people from all walks of life become independent store owners. Meet our Staff and find out how our team helps you every step of the way toward realizing your dreams.

At US Dollar Store we have a different way of defining success !

While we need to help open a certain number of stores to succeed financially, our true measure of success is the degree to which we can help empower our storeowners? lives. US Dollar Store was founded with a philosophy that everyone has dreams, and we all desire the freedom to pursue them. We don’t consider ourselves successful unless our storeowners are successful.

Dream Big. Fly High. You?re Never Alone with US Dollar Store !

We Supports you in your desire to own your own business and encourages you to take the first steps toward financial independence for your family. Contact us today.